RRS HA Cellutrix – 6 vialer x 10 ml



RRS HA Cellutrix 6x10ml is a mesococtic acid that also contains hyaluronic acid used in people with signs of skin fatigue and loss of tension.

RRS HA Cellutrix 6x10ml preparation designed for needle mesotherapy is a product created for effective reduction of cellulite. The preparation strongly supports the burning of locally accumulated fat. The product is mainly intended for use in the buttocks and thighs.


  • cellulite reduction,
  • strengthening the quality of the skin,
  • improving the firmness of the skin,
  • supporting the burning of locally accumulated fat,


  • 8 antioxidants: vit. C, triferuleic acid, Irbic acid, Isobenzofuranone, -hederin, Hederasaponin C, Hederacolchiside E and F
  • 2 lipolytics: fucoxanthin, cafeina
  • 7 flavonoids: cinaroside, cinaratrioside, quartin, kaempferol, troxerutin, routine, hesperidin
  • 8 micronutrients: I, K, Br, Cl, Ca, Fe, Si, Mg
  • 3 vitamins: vit. C, vit. A, vit. B2
  • 8 saponins: ruskogenin, neoruscogenin, α-hederin, hederasaponin C, hederacolchiside E and F, asian, madecassoside
  • 3 tripepenes: Asian acid, madecassic acid, succinic acid
  • 1 amino acid: L-carnitine
  • 2 AHAs: malic acid, lactic acid
  • 2 polyphenols: chlorogenic acid, Floroglucin

Injection technique:

Point ines between 20 – 30 mm

Maximum 0.3 ml per injection point.

Do not use more than 30 ml of the preparation with one treatment.


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