Dives Bright Eyes Solution 10x5ml


Unique formula to combat signs of fatigue and blue eyelid skin.



The preparation’s effective mode of action is the result of a synergistic combination of 4 biomimetic peptides and depigmenting substances and their interaction at different cellular levels. The unique combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides guarantees strong lightening and hydration of the skin under the eyes and the effect of a fresh look. Reduces melanin induction, which protects against dark skin color. Due to the content of rutin, caffeine and hesperidin, the preparation stimulates microcirculation and prevents the effect of dark circles under the eyes for a long time. Bright Eyes improves the elasticity of the skin and gently smooths out wrinkles, ending the effects and ensuring full therapeutic success.

4 BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES: • Acetyltetrapeptide-5 • Oligopeptide-72 • Pentapeptide-18 • Hexapeptide-10 INDEFINITE HYALURONIC ACID: • 5 mg/ml VITAMINS • Ascorbic acid (Vit C) • Niacinamide (Vit B3) BOOSTING SUBSTANCES: • Hesperidin • N-hydroxysuccinimide • Rutin • Caffeine • Rosemary extract


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