Mesoestetic X.Prof 010 Artichoke Extract Ampoules 20 x 5ml




Mesoestetic X.Prof 010 Artichoke Extract Ampoules is a solution with strengthening and moisturizing effect. It improves the appearance of the silhouette and orange peel skin. contains as an active ingredient an extract of Cynara scolymus, known for its diuretic properties.

MESO-PROF ACTIVES PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS is the most comprehensive range of combinable, safe and effective solutions for transepidermal application for aesthetic treatment. It offers carefully selected formulations with specific active ingredients to treat all types of aesthetic conditions on the face, body and capillaries.


Mesoestetic is the world leader in the field of medical cosmetics and cosmetic medicine. It is known for its effective product range, which is scientifically proven and supported by technical studies. Mesoestetic offers products for both professional and home use to provide the best customized solution for each patient with maximum results. Mesoestetic’s professional line includes a wide range of intradermal and transdermal solutions ideal for anti-aging treatments.


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