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The PRX-T33 must be stored permanently and at the latest 48h after dispatch.
from our warehouse between 2-8oC. The nasolabial fold should not be treated as there is a risk of dermatitis here.The PRX T33 peeling can be used at any time of the year, does not cause photosensitivity and does not require any rehabilitation time. Thorough biorevitalisation of the facial skin has never been so easy.
This complete package includes.

the following products: • PRX T33 (5x4ml) – Peeling

PRX P-Solution pre-cleansing

PRX Post-Dry / normal facial skin

PRX Facial Smoothing Fluid – Home care

The 4 steps to perfect PRX results

STEP 1: PRE-CLEANSING with the P-Solution
Effect: The pH-value of the skin is lowered to an optimum and prepared for the upcoming PRX-T33 treatment.
Application: Cleanse the treatment area with the P-Solution and then dry the area thoroughly.

Effect: Biorevitalisation for the facial skin, which improves the appearance of the skin immensely.
Application: Apply the PRX-T33 manually to the skin and massage it in with your fingers or a spatula. Depending on the thickness of the skin, apply 2-5 layers until a noticeable firmness of the skin is achieved. Usually this is achieved after the 3rd layer.

Application: After noticeable firmness has been achieved, any residue left on the skin is removed/washed off with water.
No neutralisation of PRX-T33 is necessary.

STEP 4: AFTER-CARE with Post-Dry / Normal facial skin or Post-Dry / Body Creme
Effect: The PRX-T33 dries out the skin. These creams restore the hydrolipid film on the skin and renew thus the skin’s natural barrier function. The result is intensive moisturisation.

Mory Tip: For a prolonged effect, we recommend the Smoothing Facial Fluid as a homecare product. With the help of glycolic acid, this product ensures that the pH value of the skin remains low and that the PRX-T33 has a longer duration of effect. It also shows a prevention of wrinkles.

What makes PRX-T33 so special?

Fresh, youthful facial skin is certainly at the top of most people’s wish list. However, advancing age leaves its mark on the delicate, sensitive skin of the face. The first wrinkles, but also incorrect pigmentation, cause quite a few sufferers a lot of trouble. If you are looking for an uncomplicated but effective skin care product to revitalise your skin, the PRX-T33 peeling is the choice right. Sagging skin is visibly tightened and regains a fresh appearance. Scars, for example due to acne, are also reduced. But this care product can also be used on selected parts of the body, for example to treat stretch marks or sunken scars. Unlike other skin care products, it does not cause any photosensitisation. This product can therefore also be used in summer without hesitation.



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