Description of PROSTROLANE INNER-B SE (1 X 1 ML)

PROSTROLANE INNER-B SE (1 X 1 ML)  is an innovative peptic complex intended for the reduction of puffiness.

Transparent product with low viscosity. The solution is supplied in a sterilized glass syringe. The product is for single use only.

Inner B SE is a unique form of peptide complex, of non-animal origin with 0.7% Hyaluronic Acid.

The Inner B SE product contains a 1ml syringe.


Hyaluronic acid (0.7%);
Peptide complex: Nonapeptide-32, Pentapeptide-43, Tripeptide-41, Octapeptide-11 (anti-inflammatory).

PROSTROLANE INNER-B SE (1 X 1 ML) application area

Suborbital pockets


Attenuation of surface skin irregularities, pockets generated by fat cells.

PROSTROLANE INNER-B SE (1 X 1 ML) treatment procedure

Determine and clean the injection area (antiseptic solution). Use disposable gloves.

Press the plunger carefully until a small drop is visible at the end of the needle.

Use a cannula, the injection should be done about 0.8mm deep, sweep the entire dark circle using the cannula.

Inject Inner B SE by constant pressure by pressing the plunger. Stop the injection before the needle is withdrawn from the skin to avoid surface application.

Do not over-correct the area. You must be able to manually stretch the default to the point of being eliminated in order to obtain the best results.

The degree and duration of the correction are adjustable according to the nature of the area and defect to be treated.

After the treatment, simply stick the traceability label on the patient’s medical record.


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