PMU Machine




The semi-permanent make-up device from Perfect Eyelash is made of high quality. The SPMU device has been developed with the greatest care and specifically tailored to the needs of stylists. The device is easy to operate and with the beautiful design it looks great in any workplace.
The speed of the needle is easy to regulate with the arrow keys. On the screen you can read at what speed the device is. 
Details of the Perfect Eyelash semi-permanent make-up device:
• Power output; Max. 12 V, 250 NPS
• Power input; 90-240V
• Body nutrition: CNC ALUMINUM
• Power supply size: 20 *11*2.3cm
• PEN speed; Max. 10000 RPM
• PEN input; Max. 12v
• PEN motor; powerful motor without a core
• PEN housing; aluminium
• Matching needle; screw cartridge needles
• A set consists of; power supply, PMU handpiece, handpiece cord, adapter, power cord
We offer a warranty period of 2 years from date of purchase.


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