ATTENTION! Product is listed for and must be used by a cosmetologist/aesthetician/beautician/health care professional. 


Miracle L (1vial) is for collagen rejuvenation(lifting).

The main ingredient Polycaprolactone, diminishes facial wrinkles by restoring the underlying structure of the skin, stimulates person’s own collagen growth to restore natural volume, and provides natural beauty for more than a year. Miracle-L is effective for  skin lifting and  collagen rejuvenation. It provides the dermis with moisture, due to which the skin becomes elastic and acquires a natural volume. Interaction with Hyaluronic Acid doubles the production of own collagen.


Neocollagenesis: Long Efficacy

  • HA mesotherapy provides only 1-2 week efficacy after a single procedure
  • Collagen regenerated by Miracle can provide natural volumizing effect for more than a year following a single procedure

Neocollagenesis: in-vivo study

  • Observed neocollagenesis & 1-year maintenance of Collagen regenerated via an in-vivo study
  • Examined regenerated tissue layer with collagen
  • Polymers were distributed throughout the tissue layers forming a 3-D Matrix

Dermis layer Application:

  • Neocollagenesis in dermis layer which contains abundant dermal fibroblast  is possible with Miracle
  • Neocollagenesis of the Dermis is very effective in improving fine wrinkles of the face

Areas to use:

  • Around eyes
  • On the cheek
  • Around the mouse
  • On the back of hands
  • On the breast
A box consists of 5 vials.


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