Global Meso Cellulite 10 x 5ml



The Cellulite Cocktail is an effective solution for reducing localized fat and cellulite. The rich combination has lipolytic and anti-cellulite properties, and gives the skin firmness. When used in weight loss programs, it facilitates body reshaping.


  • Lipolytic properties
  • Cellulite I, II, III


Liposculpture of the face (double chin, bags under the eyes, cheeks)

  • Double chin: 5.0ml – 1 session per week for 2 months, then once every 15 days for 2 months.
  • Cheeks: 2.5ml – 1 session per week for 2 months, then twice a month for 3 months.
  • Bags under the eyes: 2.5ml – 1 session every 10 days for 2 months, then once a month.

Cellulite I, II, II

  • Cellulite I – II°: 5.0ml for each area – 1x weekly for 2 months. Once every ten days for two months.
  • Cellulite III°: 5.0ml for each area – twice a week for 2 months. Then once a week for 2 months.


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