Opera V 1 x 10ml




Opera V allows you to shape and contour your body according to your desires. This unique product has been specially designed to achieve the maximum volume effect, particularly in the buttocks area (Butt Lifting, buttock enlargement). With Opera V, give your body the desired form and create an impressive buttock enlargement and a perfectly contoured appearance. Achieve your individual beauty goals with Opera V!

Treatment Areas

  • Buttocks area
  • Calf area
  • Arms
  • Forearms


Ksurgery has developed Opéra, a range of hyaluronic acid-based fillers with different concentrations, meeting all needs and ensuring an immediate, safe, and non-invasive lifting effect.

From correcting fine wrinkles to treating large-volume irregularities, the facial and body fillers meet the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele and professionals who increasingly value the volumizing and moisturizing properties of the products.

With the Opéra line of fillers, Ksurgery embraces the concept of each customer’s uniqueness.

The name was chosen to emphasize the “Made in Italy” soul of the product, which stands for guarantee and excellence, and to underline the actual goal of the treatment: to restore and enhance the beauty of every person.


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