Lipolytic PBSerum Triada – (SLIM+, SMOOTH+, DRAIN+) 3vials



The key component of the biorevitalizant is ultrapure hyaluronic acid, which is found in a fairly high concentration (18 mg / ml). It is synthesized from Bacillus Subtilis by extracellular extrusion and stabilized with the crosslinking agent PEG (polyethylene glycol). Additionally, the composition includes calcium hydroxyapatite (0.01%), which increases the density of the skin. After treatment, collagen synthesis is stimulated, tissue regeneration is accelerated, due to which a pronounced rejuvenation effect is observed.

Modern cosmetology uses the unlimited possibilities of enzymes to accelerate and enhance various processes. And the priority is undoubtedly the improvement of beauty and skin rejuvenation.

LIPASE PBSERUM SLIM + PROFESSIONAL – remove the fat layer by catalyzing the breakdown of fats.

COLLAGENASE PBSERUM SMOOTH + PROFESSIONAL – destroys the fibrous bridges of solid cellulite and eliminates the “orange peel”, stimulates the production of new collagen.

HYALURONIDASE PBSERUM DRAIN + PROFESSIONAL – by splitting hyaluronic acid, it corrects the amount of fluid in the hypodermis, which is effective drainage and elimination of edematous cellulite.


  • face contour correction;
  • the presence of fat packs, flews;
  • the presence of post-acne scars;
  • problematic periorbital area, incl. hernia of the lower and upper eyelids;
  • flabbiness of tissues;
  • the presence of fatty deposits in the zones of the “climateric hump” and “breeches”;
  • fibrous formations;
  • the presence of stretch marks and hypertrophic scars.

Each bottle is a lyophilisate for preparing a suspension.


  • elimination and prevention of various forms of cellulite, incl. and old;
  • elimination of the so-called “orange peel”;
  • elimination of local fatty layer;
  • pronounced drainage effect;
  • elimination of puffiness and excess fluid;
  • general improvement in skin condition;
  • normalization of all metabolic processes in the body at levels such as hypodermis and dermis;
  • skin rejuvenation.


Packaging: 3 vials / 1 set ( without a box)


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