Caratbody 10 ml is a body filler  based on Patented Micro-beads of Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid. However, they use this product effectively for breast and buttock augmentation.



Caratbody 10 ml

In fact, Caratbody 10 ml  is a body filler  based on Patented Micro-beads of Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid. It is as well useful only for body use. However, they use this product effectively for breast and buttock augmentation.

Caratbody is designed with high cohesiveness and viscosity, so when injected, it creates a pseudo capsule implant form that is not easily dissolved by naturally-occurring enzymes in the body. Hence, its long-lasting effect. It is proven to be a safe and removable product. So, the patient shouldn’t worry about permanent unsatisfied results as Caratbody can be reversible by injecting a dissolving solution called hyaluronidase.

It excellently provides volume to the specific body part due to its high hydrophilic capacity and stable molecular structure even after a high cross-linking rate.


Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate 20mg/mL


  • High viscosity gel that promotes smooth injection
  • Great for body enhancement, especially the breasts and buttocks
  • Purified, cross-linked HA makes it of high quality
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Safe and effective, devoid of any endotoxin particle residue
  • Caratbody can be reversed by injecting hyaluronidase


CARATBODY Filler is excellent for body contouring and augmentation.

  • Breasts
  • Buttocks


Packaging: 1 syringe x 10mL

Method of Administration: Injected into the subcutaneous layer, using a controlled shake and turning motion to break up the fat tissues and allow the fat layer to make space before injection.

*For breast augmentation, the injection should be made at the top of the breast to avoid side effects such as ptosis or sagging that may occur when injected into the bottom part of the breasts.

Needle size: 16-18G Cannula

Storage Condition:  Store at room temperature. Do not freeze the product. Avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf Life:36 months

Manufactured by BioPlus Co., Ltd.

This product is for medical professionals and trained aestheticians to use only.


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