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PB SERUM Extreme Firmnes Professional – Cocktail for skin with signs of aging

Indications :

Loss of skin elasticity and tone
Signs of aging
Changes in the oval and contour of the face
Complex Anti-age programs

Action :

Firming, antioxidant, exfoliating
Stimulates collagen production, regenerates, tightens, pronounced lifting effect

Scope of application : Apparatus cosmetology: electroporation (non-injection mesotherapy), phonophoresis, radio frequency lifting, diode laser, microneedling (mesoscooter), massage

Advantages :

Improves skin elasticity and color
Has a firming, tightening and softening effect
Reducing wrinkles
Regenerating action
Maintains hydration

without preservatives. Fragrance free. Without additives.

The box contains 5 vials of lyophilisate, 1 vial of 20 ml DMAE solution. DMAE solution is used to reconstitute the lyophilisate.

Ingredients : lyophilisate – Keratinase PB333, Vitamin C – 20%, Collagenase GH PB220, Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (3.5 KDa)


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