PACKAGE CONTAINS: Two vials each containing lyophilized amino acids (glycine, L-proline, L-leucine, L-lysine) and two ampoules containing sodium hyaluronate to be mixed with amino acids.



The AQUAGOLD fine touch  treatment consists in micro-puncturing the skin with a specially designed, disposable cartridge with twenty needles made of 24 carat gold. The doctor prepares a personalized cocktail that corresponds to the patient’s needs, thanks to which we really act on visible problems. During the treatment, we give exactly the ingredients that the skin needs at the moment. Thanks to the unique structure of the cartridge, the doctor is able to cover a large area of ​​the skin with micro-punctures during the procedure, through which the personalized preparation enters the upper layers of the dermis. Depending on the patient’s skin condition, the cocktail may contain: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, biostimulating peptides, micro and macro elements, as well as botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin added in a small amount to the cocktail perfectly contracts the pores and firms the skin.
AQUAGOLD fine touch  as an alternative to classic needle mesotherapy
Classic needle mesotherapy often results in bruises or hematomas on the face. Some patients, due to their active lifestyle, cannot afford this type of inconvenience. The AQUAGOLD fine touch  treatment, due to its unique structure, allows it to reach the dermis and nourish it, but it does not cause side effects such as bruises and hematomas. The disposable cartridge has ultra-sharp 24 carat gold needles that are thinner than a human hair. Additionally, gold itself has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Thanks to this modern system, the erythema after the procedure lasts only 15-20 minutes, and in some patients it does not occur at all.



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