Prostrolane – Peptide therapy for joints

Biomimetic peptides – these are short chains of amino acids, identical to the growth factors found in our body. Peptides are widely used in many fields of medicine, in aesthetic medicine. Very popular are peptides that stimulate hair growth and peptides that have a regenerating, degenerating and moisturizing effect on the skin.

Peptide Prostrolane joint therapy:

  • has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • has an analgesic effect,
  • improves joint mobility,
  • regenerates the surface of articular cartilage,
  • stimulates the process of bone tissue formation, stimulates osteoblasts and calms osteoclasts, inhibiting the process of destruction of cartilage tissue,
  • inhibits the breakdown and fragmentation of hyaluronic acid with a hyaluronidase inhibitor.


Intraarticular initiality. More than one joint can be covered by therapy at the same time.

Place of administration:

  • knee joint
  • hip joint
  • Cube
  • Bark


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