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Specifically, the product contains one or more injections as the main component of an extensive treatment. Such an injection consists of the combination of hyaluronic acid and individual amino acids. Such treatment promotes EM homeostasis. The use of Sunekos 200 aims to restore the biological functions of the derma. This is precisely how the youthful and natural appearance of the skin is to be promoted. The recipe for beautiful skin is the production of new collagen and elastin. It is obvious that this type of treatment is very natural. The reason is the use of collagen, a body’s own active ingredient.


When using the product, injections are placed in the places to be treated. Sunekos 200 is a Class III medical device. This is therefore also ideally suited for use as listed. The active ingredients such as collagen and elastin not only support your youthful skin, but also improve the volume loss of the face. Furthermore, these substances reduce wrinkles after application and the skin is supplied with important moisture.

Have we already mentioned that this is a patent-protected process? The special feature of the procedure is the perfect matching of the substances to the needs of your skin.


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