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Sunekos  Body is the ideal product to combat sagging and sagging skin as well as stretch marks on the body regions of arms, thighs, knees and stomach. In addition, the body filler in the new Sunekos  range regenerates the so-called EZM matrix, which can improve the skin’s elasticity and flexibility. The active ingredient combination of hyaluronic acid and a six-part amino acid complex also helps to even out the body’s skin texture, so signs of skin aging and fatigue can be reduced.

Sunekos Body can permanently tighten loose skin on the upper arms, thighs, knees and abdomen, as well as reduce stretch marks on these parts of the body. Because the dermis differs in texture, density and structure in each part of the body, a customized treatment must be performed for each region. Sunekos Body helps with this, as the effective filler from Professional Dietetics SpA offers exactly the right treatment options and techniques for a targeted fight against unsatisfactory skin appearance. This is done by regenerating the so-called EZM matrix, the skin’s extracellular tissue, which lies between the cells and surrounds them. Regeneration stimulates the body’s own elastin production, which is responsible for shaping and strengthening the skin, and the production of the protein collagen.

Area of ​​use
Stretch mark Skin laxity
One ampoule contains 10 ml of sterile low-density hyaluronic acid, and one ampoule contains 300 mg of a special amino acid complex. This complex is composed of the following amino acids: gylcine, proline, lysine, leucine, alanine and valine.


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