Dives LipoShook+ 10×10 ML


A concentrate of the strongest lipolytic substances to reduce excess adipose tissue and body shaping.


A concentrated form of the most powerful lipolytic substances to reduce excess fat tissue and shape the body. It provides effective reduction of local adipose tissue and smoothing of the body structure. Ensures rapid and dramatic effects on tissue girth reduction. L-carnitine is added to the formula, which accelerates the metabolism of released fatty acids and improves the effectiveness of the treatment. LipoShoock also conditions the tissues, making them softer, firmer and visibly thinner, thanks to the presence of hydrogenated lecithin and oligopeptides.

• removal of excess body fat
• reduction of body circumference
• improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
• local slimming
• reduction of the volume of adipose tissue •
improvement of facial and body contours •
improvement of skin tension and tightness
• reduction of fatty cellulite
• elimination of sagging skin
• improvement of lipid metabolism
• reduce the tendency to accumulate fatty tissue at the treatment site

Area of ​​use
• face • chin and jawline • arms • upper and lower abdomen • male breast tissue • thighs and buttocks • tissues after surgical liposuction


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