Crystal Multineedle Pack of 20


Crystal Multi Needle 9 PIN CN-32G08 (0.8 mm needle length)

Mesotherapy needles / injector application

Can be used in conjunction with suction mode to control the depth of penetration and not to lose liquid.

Ideal for facial treatment. For incorporating liquid / aqueous solutions (such as multi-cocktails).

Scope of delivery:

1x Crystal Multi Needle 9 PIN CN-32G08 (20x sterile individually packed)


Crystal Multineedle is to be used in conjunction with products in the Prostrolane range.

Combined with the Crystal Meso machine, the use of this product becomes even more effective.

However, it is quite possible to use Crystal Multineedle heads only for injecting products.

As a reminder, here are some instructions for use in order to get the best results from this technology …

The different models and their own indications

9-needle heads with suction mode:

For the face:

  • With needles of 32G – 1.0mm with Prostrolane Blanc B
  • With needles of 32 G – 1.2mm with Natural B

5-needle heads without suction mode:

  • For hair, opt for needles – 32 G – 1.5 or 2 mm
  • For the double chin, choose needles 32 G – 3mm
  • For the body, use needles 32 G – 4.5mm


Demonstration and protocol – Prostrolane Blanc B


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