A unique product dedicated to modeling and contouring the lips. The reduced concentration of hyaluronic acid allows for a natural correction and a gentle enhancement of the volume of the lipstick red without changing its geometry. Thanks to the patented “Safe Core” technology, it has an exceptionally plastic and smooth texture that allows perfect distribution in the skin and obtaining a natural effect.


• lip red
modeling • lip
contour enhancement
and enhancement • lip
volume restored with
age • lip moisturizing
and revitalization • smoker wrinkles reduction • lip corner lifting, medium-deep wrinkle correction • nasolabial
furrow filling • leveling lines
puppet• lip red modeling and contouring
• correction of smoker’s
lifting wrinkles• the corners of the mouth


• optimal acid concentration
for natural effects • extraordinary
plasticity enabling smooth
and precise implantation • pharmaceutical acid quality and advanced
production technology • patented Safe Core technology increasing the plasticity of
the preparation while maintaining optimal filling properties • extended biodegradation time by using only long and regularly arranged acid chains with a concentrically secured core • marked with the medical certificate CE0297 and ISO 13485

Increasing the firmness and volume of the lips
The optimal concentration of hyaluronic acid allows you
to increase the volume
Non-artificial fill effect
Exceptional plasticity allows you to obtain effects with various levels of intensification
(from subtle to volumetric effects

Improvement of hydration and smoothing
The hygroscopic effect of hyaluronic acid allows for intensive smoothing of the lips
and increasing the level of hydration
Anti-aging effect
The unique rheological action enables the correction of wrinkles around the mouth and the lifting of the corners
Maintaining the softness and naturalness of the lips
The high integrity of the preparation with the tissue means that the lips do not lose their natural softness
The concentration of HA acid – 20  mg / ml
Metabolism time –  5-6 months
Capacity –  1ml
Implantation depth –  dermis
– the mucosa of the labial red
– lip modeling
– enhancing the contour
– eliminating smoker’s wrinkles
– lifting the corners of the mouth
Main features
Contents of anesthetic lidocaine increasing the comfort of the procedure.
Monophasic, sterile, pyrogen-free gel with increased visco plasticity and prolonged
– lidocaine
version – lidocaine free version
Treatment safety:
CE 0297
ISO 13485
Patent EP2170961


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