What the Genephyrs Profound filler offers for the price is simply without a match. Made with Korean know-how, this is a one-for-one product alternative to Rejeunesse Shape – on of the most popular and sought-after facial sculpting fillers on the market. Offered at a notably lower price, it still gives doctors and patients these lasting ana naturally looking results when it comes to contouring the facial oval, restoring severe loss of volume in the cheeks area or touching the nose bridge with filler, as an alternative to plastic surgery. Important to note, is the fact that Genephyrs Profound is one of the safest fillers on the market, with no dangerous BDDA residue.


It’s a bold claim to name the Genephyrs line the kind of the budget class, but the offer of each of these fillers, including the Genephyrs Profound is truly unparalleled. The pre-filed syringe in the box comes with 1.1ml of 24mg/ml high quality Hyaluronic acid gel for facial injection, while the standard at this price point is normally 1ml and 20mg/ml respectively. The injection needles (25G) are not only  made from the highest quality medical steel, but they use a special ultra thin wall technology, allowing the doctors to better work with the product – a paramount when using a thick filler with large particle size and high viscosity like the Genephyrs Profound.

Pain, discomfort and health risks are not something associated with the Genephyrs fillers. Each dose of HA gel is made from non-animal in origin, purified and sterilized Hyaluronic acid, cross-linked with BDDE. However, using advanced Korean manufacturing methods, all unsafe non-linked cross-linking BDDE particles are extracted and removed from the gel, making it completely safe. HA being natural to the human body, mean that this sculpting filler is complete safe for almost all patients.

Why the Genephyrs Profound fill?

Because no other HA filler gel can match this offer at this price point. Everything about this filler, bar the price, is premium: gel quality, needles, duration, product amount, results once injected. The Genephyrs Profound filler is specially tailored for:

  • Jawline contouring
  • Minor rhinoplasty
  • Removal of severe glabellar (forehead) lines
  • Restoration of severe loss of volume of the cheeks
  • Cheekbone area augmentation
  • Chin enhancement
  • Severe nasolabial fold filling


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