SRS Body Fit Corporel



SRS Body Fit Corporel – Today, modern mesotherapy offers you the possibility of penetrating into the mesodermal layers of the skin and connective tissue by means of fine needles or electronic injection devices (laser, RF). Exactly there, in places mostly inaccessible by cosmetics, pharmacologically active ingredients and beauty cocktails are applied. As a result, the quality of the skin and its elasticity are visibly improved and it becomes more resistant again.
Among other things, aesthetic mesotherapy actively promotes cell renewal and the formation of new collagen, stops the loss of moisture from the skin by rehydrating it with hyaluronic acid, thus making it look younger, fresher, firmer and more rested again.
But also special “problem cases” such as cellulite, hyperpigmentation, fat pads, hair loss and scars can be successfully treated with aesthetic mesotherapy.


  • Reduces fat and cellulitis
  • Promotes fat burning
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Increases skin tone
  • Tightens and firms the tissue through intensive hydration of the skin


Use 5 to 10 ml of Body Fit – Corporel solution, depending on the area to be treated. Apply using an appropriate transdermal method: Expert Meso Roller, electroporation, electrophoresis, lontophoresis, ultrasonophoresis.


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