Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip vs. Lip Blushing

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip vs. Lip Blushing: Which is right for me?

So you know that you want to enhance your lips, but which procedure is right for you? Depending on the shape of your natural lip, your desired results, and your budget, this guide should help to explain the difference between lip fillers, a lip flip, and lip blushing.

Lip fillers enhance volume, whereas a lip flip and lip blushing create the appearance of a fuller lip. If you are looking to fix a gummy smile, the lip flip might be for you. If you are looking to define your lip line and add some natural color, lip blushing is going to give you the look that you want.

Lip Filler

Lip filler involves the injection of synthetic hyaluronic acid into the lips to provide a plumper, more defined pout. The size of the lips can be gradually built over time to provide natural-looking results. Lip filler can address the asymmetry of the lips and create a more desirable shape. It also makes the face appear more youthful, as we tend to lose volume as we age.

Lip filler can restore a previous lip size, correct the shape, smooth wrinkles, and boost confidence. Depending on the type of filler used, results can last six months to two years. There are many different brands of lip fillers, including Juvederm® and Restylane®. The lips are numbed before the procedure so that injections are not painful.

Lip Flip

The lip flip involves a few Botox injections into the upper lip to “flip” the lip upwards, giving you the appearance of a fuller lip without actually increasing the volume of the lip. This can be great for those with a gummy smile or an upper lip that turns inward.

During a lip flip procedure, your master injector injects Botox into the upper lip. Botox can take 7-14 days to fully take effect. So within a week or two, your top lip will appear fuller. A lip flip can be more cost-effective than lip fillers initially, but remember, Botox only lasts 3-5 months, whereas filler lasts much longer. The entire procedure takes just about ten minutes– you’ll be in and out with a new pout in no time!

You can combine a lip flip with lip filler injections if you are looking to increase the size of your lips and adjust how the top lip sits.

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