Meso Regulator Pack


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Meso Regulator Pack

The combination of Hexapeptides with Azelaic Acid creates the formula for Meso Regulator pack which is designed to be the treatment to prevent facial wrinkles, moisturize and restore the amount of lipids in the skin. It helps reduce the thickness of the stratum corneum. This pack is recommended for sensitive skin and for patients significant Acne skin problems.

The pack contents:
  • 6 Meso Peeling Vials
  • 1 Neutralizing Spray
  • 6 Post Peeling Mask
  • 1 Sunblock 50 + 50ml
What are the effect of using this pack?
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Refines the skin surface
How to use Meso Regulator pack?
  • Apply after deep cleansing of the skin
  • Maximum exposure: 5 minutes
  • Neutralize and remove with cold water

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