Meso Prof I Pack


Professional Use Only



MCCM Meso Pack 1 – For Professional Use

This is a Meso Pack from MCCM Medical for professional use. It contains most popular peelings and represents excellent value for money.

This pack includes the following products:

  • 1x Vial Pyruvic Acid 20% (5 ML)
  • 1x Vial Azelaic Acid 25% (5 ML)
  • 1x Vial Salicylic Acid 20% (5 ML)
  • 1x Vial Mandelic Acid 45% (5 ML)
  • 1x Vial Glycolic Acid 30% (5 ML)
  • 1x Vial Lactic Acid 45% (5 ML)
  • 1x Neutralizing Spray (50 ML)
  • 6x Post Peeling Mask (20 ML)
  • 1x Sun Cream 50 (50 ML)

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