Best 24 Gold Hyaluron Pen no needle injection for anti-wrinkle or lip enhancement

Do you want perfect lips without injection? The answer is “24 Gold Hyaluron Pen for Lips.

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Product Name: Non-needle Hyaluron pen
Item No.:NHP01
Material:316 stainless steel
Configuration:host pen+nozzle
Extension size:20*3cm
Syringe size:5*2cm
Injection volume:0.05ml-0.3ml
Packaging size:25cm*22cm*10cm
Function:wrinkle removal,face lifting,skin tightning,lip filling etc.

Adjustable non-needle injection hyaluronic serum pen-Micro-Injection Pen

Product features: no needle, safe, painless, efficient

 Hyaluron pen Technical principle:

This hyaluron pen is noninvasive, using transdermal dispersion technology, high pressure generated by the pressure device, the liquid is pushed out from the micropores at the top of the front end to form a 0.17MM ultra-fine liquid column, which instantly penetrates the skin to reach the skin, and easily achieves the anti-age effect.
The use of 6.5bar pressure, in nanoscale small molecules 220 meters per second, the speed of air flow to the skin grass roots skin care droplets delivered directly through the skin,transfer gel like hyaluronic acid, VC to skin dermal layer.
EFFECT: Just need to repeat application several times. Afterwards you will see the skin change as it becomes more healthy, more delicate, is more brighten, moisturized, has more elasticity and looks more youthful.
SUITABLE FOR: professional beauty salon use, also home use by yourself.
It’s the best beauty gift for a lover and mother

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The 12 month warranty is included.


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