Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula COG)





20 threads in one box (4EA*5packs)

Areas of application:

Facial rejuvenation by means of mesothreads:

  • nasolabial folds
  • lines and wrinkles between lips and a chin
  • wrinkles around lips
  • wrinkles around eyes
  • gravitation ptosis (skin drooping)
  • wrinkles and skin sagginess of the forehead area
  • skin drooping and skin sagginess near eyebrows; wrinkles between eyebrows
  • uneven skin surface; asymmetry after plastic surgery

Body skin rejuvenation by means of mesothreads

  • wrinkles, skin sagginess in the areas of a chin, neck, and chest
  • skin sagginess in the areas of belly, buttocks, legs and hands
  • uneven body skin surface after liposculpture

How many mesothreads are required:

Depending on the localization and the level of skin sagginess the number of mesotheads varies from 8 to 25. Each case is different though, and the final decision about the number of required threads should be made by a cosmetician.

Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog) threads lift up sagged skin, stimulate collagen synthesis, form a new extensional carcass that is created taking into account anatomical peculiarities and points of fixation of soft tissues. Reinforcement by means of mesothreads Velancia 360 4D COG (Cannula Cog) ensures a lasting effect for 1,5 – 2 years.

An important factor is that mesothreads are in no way traumatizing. Their injection does not require any incisions since threads themselves are very thin. Besides, they are elastic: instead of digging through skin tissues they move them apart. Such procedure does not normally cause any hematomas – instead there are just tiny marks left after the injections that disappear very fast. Rehabilitation process after the procedure lasts only a few hours, and anesthesia is easily tolerated.

Proposed use:

  • drooping eyebrows
  • wrinkles around lips
  • crow’s feet
  • wrinkles between eyebrows
  • nasolabial wrinkles and lines
  • distinct lacrimal groove
  • skin sagginess in the areas of cheeks and chin
  • lowered external sides of eyebrows, sagginess of neck tissues
  • skin sagginess in the areas of belly, buttocks, legs, hands, face, and body


    • Velancia mesothreads are hypoallergenic and are 100% biocompatible with human tissues.
    • Risk-free of infiltration, allergic reactions, and hematomas.
    • Needles used for injections are very thin and elastic – instead of digging through tissues they move them apart and leave very small post-injection marks that quickly disappear.
    • They are not harmful to human skin. Method itself is not traumatic as there are no cuts made on the skin.
    • Topical anesthesia is applied during the procedure which makes it painless and which patients tolerate very well. Rehabilitation process lasts only a few hours after the procedure is completed.
    • Neither mesothreads nor anesthesia causes any allergic reaction. Insignificant redness disappears following just a few hours. Threads dissolve in six months degrading into carbon dioxide and water. Repeated injections become possible following a specific period of time.
    • Procedure lasts about 40 minutes. The effect is noticeable on the following day. Injections do not cause any swellings or hematomas.
    • One month after the procedure it becomes possible to turn to laser resurfacing or electric muscle stimulation. This method can be combined with RF-lifting, contour plastic surgery, as well as meso therapy. Reinforcement with mesothreads can serve as a final stage after surgical face-lift.

Contra-indications to mesothreads:

  • Flu or other acute infectious diseases
  • Herpetic or impetiginous eruption
  • Oncology diseases
  • Coagulation failure


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