The design of the Rainbow Ultra+ allows for better and faster lifting results. When the needle is positioned in the tissue, the thread spiral is slowly unwound. Each of the strings has a hook-shaped end, which helps to better position the thread under the skin. Subsequently the free end of the thread is slowly rolled back into a spiral and stretches the skin tissue in the direction of the puncture. Because of the “spring” properties of the Rainbow Thread Ultra+ material, the effects are long-lasting. The main application of the product is contouring the V-shape of the face.

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The box consists of:

  • 1 unit


Each pack contains: 

  • 25G x 60 mm Needle
  • 185mm Thread
  • Suture sizes (USP): 5-0


Key ingredients:

  • PDO (Polydioxanone)


Benefits of Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ 25G/60/185mm:

  • Efficient skin lifting
  • Thin USP ensure low pain and high flexibility
  • High satisfaction for patient and physician
  • 3D barbs for a flawless result
  • Areas: Cheeks, eyebrows, forehead, jawline and neck


How long does the results last for?
The Rainbow Thread COG Ultra+ is made from PDO thread, that absorbs into the body over time and the result of the treatment lasts up to 24 months. Please note that the results vary individually and depends on the patient’s age at the time of the treatment, the quality of the skin, the degree of sagging skin and the number of used threads.


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