Rainbow Thread COG Dual Arm 21G/110


10 threads (10 Pouches x 1 pcs)



The Rainbow Dual Arm Thread is microscopically barbed. Needles are held together on both ends of the thread by a non-permanent connection. The thread is designed to be stronger, more stable and with longer-lasting lifting effect of soft tissues. The unique design allows for both needles to be placed in the tissue through a single puncture of the skin. They can be disconnected easily and directed for precise controuring.

Results by using this method of face-lifting are more durable, with less discomfort for the patient. Since the procedure does not require incisions, no scars are left on the skin.

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The box consists of:

  • 1 unit

Each pack contains: 

  • 21G x 110 mm Needle
  • 420 mm Thread
  • Suture sizes (USP): 1-0

Key ingredients:

  • PDO (Polydioxanone)

Benefits of Rainbow Thread Dual Arm 21G/110mm:

  • Efficient and long-lasting skin lifting
  • 3D barbs for an improved result
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Leaves no scaring
  • Areas: Forehead, eyebrows and cheeks

How long does the results last for?
The Rainbow Thread COG Dual Arm treatment lasts up to 24 months. Please note that the results vary individually and depends on the patient’s age at the time of the treatment, the quality of the skin, the degree of sagging skin and the number of used threads.


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