Rainbow Mono 30G-25mm-30mm




RAINBOW THREAD threads is a new concept of non-surgical skin lifting, which is based on the implantation of medical threads specially developed for the SMAS layer. RAINBOW threads stimulate the formation of collagen, improving skin tension and elasticity. After the procedure, patients can return to their daily duties – without any recovery time and without any side effects.



1.Stimulate the production of collagen in the skin

2.Provides greater skin elasticity

3.Prevent the loss of firmness

4. They smooth out wrinkles

5. Increase the production of fibroblasts

6.Improve the quality of the skin


Basic and the most commonly used threads for skin regeneration. They stimulate collagen production for a long time, achieving great results in skin revitalization – the results of the treatment last about 1 year.


Cannula size cannula length thread length
30G 25 mm 30 mm
27G 38 mm 60 mm
25G 90 mm 160 mm


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