Magicalift Disposable Hypodermic Needle (32G x4MM) – 100EA




For physicians:

With Magical lift  needles you can offer patients a less traumatic experience , which in turn attracts an increase in visits to the doctor by yourself. Enjoy a selection of different thicknesses and lengths for increased versatility in the application.

The 4mm and 6mm microneedles are particularly useful in areas such as aesthetics (Mesotherapy  ), while 25mm needles are used for deeper injections, as will be required at the lower arrangement of fillers, sclerotherapy and dentistry.

> Less pain : Local anesthesia may be needed les , or no longer be required.
> Shorter downtime : With a reduced likelihood of scarring and less visible places after treatment.
> More natural results : With treatments, the 32G ax 4mm x 6mm or micro – needles are used and allow precise injection into the superficial layer of the skin.

For the patient:
Self- injections can now be less difficult and painful. For diabetics and those who , for example, inject growth hormones, MAGICAL LIFT® needles are extremely simple to use . Depending on how deep the needle should be used the the micro- needles (eg 4mm ), make sure that you inject the medication for the proper placement e.g. in the dermis (skin) or subcutaneous tissue.

Injection needles are used together with syringes. Mainly used for HA fillers and meso product injections.


– Large diameter, quick flow

– Smooth tissue penetration

– Sharp needle to reduce tissue damage

– Suitable for all types of syringes


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