FILLMED Nanosoft Microneedles (0.6mm x 30 units)




With the Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles a new injection technology is available to perform injection therapies. In contrast to conventional injection needles, the Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles have three microfine syringes to inject Fillmed NCTF 135HA  under the skin. The microneedle is three times smaller than a conventional injection needle, which also has an effect on the treatment comfort. This is considerably increased, and the new injection technology also reduces the risk of haematoma formation. Because the active ingredient is injected evenly in three places, it is distributed particularly well and any swellings disappear much more quickly. The microneedle is compatible with all common syringes and is easy to use. For particularly precise results, it has a marking in bright blue to help you find your way. This injection needle is ideal for treating particularly fine and sensitive skin areas. Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles are disposable to meet the highest hygienic standards.

The Fillmed product range

Fillmed is a proven manufacturer of aesthetic medical products on the market. The manufacturer has made a design and name change from Filorga to Fillmed. Since 1978, this company has been working with dermatologists, surgeons, but also beauticians to develop products that serve beauty. The focus of this manufacturer’s product development is on anti-aging and improving the quality of the skin. With a broad portfolio of fillers, Fillmed offers highly specialised products for the treatment of all kinds of wrinkles. The products from the comprehensive filler line also offer targeted contouring and volume build-up in the face. In addition, this manufacturer offers products for revitalising and perfecting the skin. This manufacturer has long recognised that filling alone is often not enough for a perfect, long-lasting result. That is why Fillmed offers its own product range for the after-treatment and perfection of injection treatments. Skin peelings and specially adapted care products help the skin to regenerate. Treatment results can be worked out optimally and are preserved even longer.

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Treatment areas:

Fillmed Nanosoft Microneedles are ideal for treating eyelids, crow’s feet and the neck area.



Each pack contains 30 sterile disposable microneedles. Each microneedle consists of 3 silicone micro cones, each 0.6mm long.
Single use, please dispose of after use.

They may only be dispensed with an original doctor’s prescription. This regulation does not apply to any person involved in the healing trade or health care.
The manufacturer and we, as the seller, point out that an injection of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically qualified staff.

Area filter: Eye area, Neck
Wrinkle type: Crow feet


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