Powder 1g*2 vials / Solution 10ml*2 vials / Calming Ampoule 10ml*2 vials / Regenerationg Ampoule 10ml* 6 vials




Sea-TOX PEEL has a mirco size Silitox needles generate not only dermabrasion effect, but also only perfect regeneration effect by penetrating plenty of mineral ingredients into deep skin layers.

Clinic High Sea-Tox Peeling Set

1. Sea-Tox Powder – Sili-tox micro peeling powder (1g/ 2 Bottle in 1 set) : 100% Natural Peeling Powder based on the deep-sea bio silica penetrate deep into skin to help the absorption of other products and regeneration and escape of death skin cell on the basic of skin circulation mechanism.
2. Sea-Tox Solution- Solution to be mixed with peeling powder (8ml/ 2 Bottle in 1 set) : Sili-tox penetrates deep into skin to maximize the effect, and it is necessary to mix with the Sili-tox powder to mitigate the skin stimulation and helps to established inside the skin.
3. Sea-Tox Calming Ampoule – Peeling calming & moisturization ampoule (10ml/ 2 Bottle in 1 set): It applied for the calming after peeling Sili-tox penetrates to calm down redden face while fully preventing the dryness with the top class moisture inducer, urea.
4. Sea-Tox Regenerating Ampoule – Skin cell recovery & circulation healing ampoule (10ml/ 6 Bottle in 1 set): According to the rapid skin circulation cycle due to Sili-Tox, this ampoule encourage the skin cell vitalization while providing dynamic healing with the placenta, aloe, and collagen

How to use Clinic High Sea-Tox Peeling set :

1. Mix the Sea-TOX PEEL powder and solution by 1:1.

* The volume of power: 0.5g for weak peeling or 1g for medium peeling or 2g for strong peeling.

2. Apply a blended power liquid on the face, decollete and desired area.

Cover wet cotton gauze to prevent water evaporation.

3. After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the Sea-TOX mixure with a wet gauze or sponge.

4. Apply calming ampoule on the face to sooth the skin.

5. Apply the regenerating ampoule

6. After care, use sunblock cream and avoid sunlight for 1 day.



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