ASA PEEL HOME CURE PACK clears the way to new, youthfully smooth skin. To a skin that is now able to regenerate itself with new cells and is again open to creative, impulsive KLAPP active ingredients that are donated to it.

The Home Cure Pack contains:

  • Refining Gel (200 ml)
  • Cream Phase I (30 ml)
  • Cream Phase II (30 ml)

ASA PEEL by KLAPP has declared war on tired and pale skin. With the precisely coordinated HOME CURE PACK preparations, the problem is solved where it arises. With Refining Gel, Cream Phase I and Cream Phase II, you will notice how the skin reacts and is actively freed from bothersome ballast.

ASA PEEL – skin care for mature skin

You get older and your skin shows clear traces: it loses its transparency, wrinkles dig deeper, it becomes thicker and the supply of the lower skin layers deteriorates. The skin looks tired, dull, uneven and blotchy. The ASA PEEL intensive treatment and the preparations of the KLAPP ASA PEEL series take targeted action against these symptoms. Through a natural peeling process, the skin is peeled off, it loses its thickness and becomes finer-pored as a result. The basal layer is stimulated to regenerate. A new, fresh and protective horny layer can form, the natural thickness of the skin is restored.


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