Alpha-Arbutin Chemical Whitening Peeling Kit – With A20P



  • Cleaning, degreasing solution – 100 ml
  • Whitening peeling with Arbutin – A20P – 10 ml
  • Arbutin activating whitening cream – 30 ml
  • Dripper / lock – 1 pc – free


Alpha-Arbutin Chemical Whitening Peeling Kit – With A20P

The kit is an innovative treatment designed by Mesosystem – MCCM, which does not affect the surface layer of the skin, therefore it does not require any long recovery. Based on the intensity to which the skin is exposed, the cocktail ampoule is considered to be a deeper peeling.


  • Alpha arbutin – 20%
  • Kojic acid
  • Tartaric acid
  • Hydrogen peroxide


  • Promotes skin whitening, giving a uniform skin tone;
  • Its use can be done all year round because the skin does not become photosensitive after treatment (after application you should not avoid sun exposure during the day);
  • Reduces scars of any kind and the marks left by acne;
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis.

USE: After cleaning the area to be treated, apply the MCCM cleaning and degreasing solution with a cleansing disk. Apply the A20P peel on the area to be treated with a lifting massage until it is completely absorbed. The same procedure must be followed in 3 or 4 applications. At the end, apply Arbutin Activating Whitening Cream.  


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