K33P PEEL (Treats Skin Imperfections, Powerful Anti-Stain)


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K33P PEEL (Powerful Anti Melasma)


Box of 5 bottles of 10 ml


New innovative K33P Peel from MCCM without social exclusion, therefore does not require a long recovery period.

The K33P treats skin imperfections it is a powerful anti-stain,

These spots can cause many well-being problems for people, often creating psychological problems.

These imperfections can be associated with an excess of pigmentation of the skin, which is characterized by an increase in melanin and other substances involved in pigmentation. Imperfections can be caused by genetics, excessive sunshine, allergies or premature aging.


K33P Peel is recommended for: 

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • The spots that stretch marks created

What are the effects of using this product?

  • It is above all the whitening of the skin. In addition, a significant reduction in all types of pigmentation and freckles. K33P Booste promotes whitening of the skin, it is not photosensitive and can be used during the day without having to avoid exposure to the sun after application.
  • K33P is also an effective photo aging treatment.
  • Promotes general improvement of the skin.

How to apply K33P Peel? 


1 / Clean with MCCM cleansing milk.

2 / Tone with MCCM Facial Tonic.

3 / Apply the cleaning solution with a gauze.

4 / Apply K33P Peel through the areas with a brush and allow to absorb,

5 / Apply WA Arbutin cream and SPF 50+ sunscreen.


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