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Skinfill is the first hyaluronic acid-based filler based on the dual technology that combines Crosslink + COESIX SkinFill: durability, comfort, quality

A unique formula based on hyaluronic acid, CE marked, stable thanks to a new technological process called COESIX ™. This, by protecting hyaluronic acid from hydroxyl radicals and slowing down cellular degeneration, simultaneously contributes to prolonging the life of the filler and enhancing the filling effect.
Furthermore, COESIX technology gives fluidity and elasticity to SkinFill, making it very manageable for the operator and at the same time comfortable for the patient, since it minimizes the typical reactions of traditional cross-linked fillers.

SkinFill is a resorbable, biocompatible, biodegradable, sterile, highly purified, safe filler. With CE mark.

COESIX technology confers protection from free radicals, thus delaying cell degeneration, greater filling effect and plasticity, increasing product elasticity, greater manageability for the operator, greater patient comfort, greater long lasting effect.

The duration of a filler depends on a series of factors, such as the quantity injected, the depth of the wrinkles, the physical characteristics of the injection area, the injection technique, the amount of the correction required, age, skin, lifestyle of the patient. SkinFill lasts up to 9-10 months.

SkinFill ™ is available in 3 different versions:

SkinFill™ Silver – SOFT
SkinFill™ Gold – MEDIUM

SkinFill™ Diamond – STRONG

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