DIVES Med. – LIPOSHOOCK + 10x10ml


Advanced peptide cocktail for lipolysis and intralipotherapy.


LipoShoock is the result of many years of achievements of global pharmacists and biotechnologists, created to effectively fight excessive fatty tissue, cellulite and skin laxity.


LipoShoock + is a concentrate of the strongest lipolytic substances  for reducing excess fat tissue and body shaping.

It causes enzymatic apoptosis of adipocytes and damage to cell membranes, leading to the effective reduction of local fat tissue and smoothing the body structure. The content of the highest permissible concentration of phosphatidylcholine, additionally enriched with peptides and deoxycholic acid, guarantees quick and spectacular effects of reducing the tissue circumference, visible after the first treatment. Formula enhanced with L-Carnitine, accelerating the metabolism of released fatty acids and optimizing the effects of intralipotherapy. Thanks to the content of hydrogenated lecithin and LipoShoock + oligopeptides, it additionally remodels the collagen frame and conditions the tissues, leaving them smooth, firm and visibly slimmer.


 Mode of action:

LipoShoock + causes the enzymatic process of breaking down triacylglycerols (triglycerides) in adipose tissue to free fatty acids and glycerol, which, when released into the bloodstream, are captured by most tissues and oxidized as the main source of energy to carbon dioxide and water. The biochemical elimination of fat cells begins immediately after the procedure and lasts for 8-12 weeks. This process is used for body contouring during lipolysis. The addition of peptides and conditioning substances rebuilds the collagen frame of the skin, firms the tissues and prevents them from slackening as a result of the reduction of the body circumference.



– body lipolysis

– reduction in the volume of adipose tissue

– improvement of body contours

– improvement of skin tension, density and firmness

– reduction of fatty cellulite

– eliminating skin flaccidity

– improvement of lipid metabolism

– reducing the tendency to accumulate fatty tissue at the treatment site

– reduction of lipomas

– reduction gynecomastia in men


Application areas:

– arms

– upper and lower abdomen

– male breast tissue

– thighs and buttocks

– knee area

– tissue after surgical liposuction

– shoulders and “bull’s” neck


Active ingredients:

Phosphatidylcholine (5%) – the  strongest substance that emulsifies adipose tissue  ,  increases the permeability of the membrane and facilitates the excretion of excess fat from the body.

Sodium deoxycholate  (2.5%)  – degrades the cell membranes of adipocytes, allows for faster breakdown of released triglycerides

L-carnitine (1%)  – accelerates the transport and metabolism of released triglycerides and their excretion from the body

Phytosterols  – have a lipophilic effect, reduce the level of saturated fatty acids

Soybean oil  – a strong antioxidant rich in vitamin E, a conditioning factor

Cartilage jelly extract  – improves circulation and drainage of tissues, has a firming and collagen synthesizing effect, recommended for skin flabbiness and stretch marks

Hydrogenated lecithin  – improves the appearance of sagging skin by improving the tension and elasticity of collagen fibers

Sh- Oligopeptyd 2  – reduces and prevents skin sagging and sagging, synthesizes the collagen frame and skin proteins, reduces the burning effect


Directions for use:

Do not exceed the amount of 30 ml per treatment.

Do not combine with other active substances and saline!


Product for  professional use  only .

By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.


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