WiQO Dry/Ultra Dry Face Cream 50ML


WiQo Cream for dry and very dry skin restores the hydrolipidic film on skin which may be lacking firmness. It is very good for mature skin as well and in general to protect against cold weather or wind.



A high quality and concentration of shea butter soothes, nourishes and protects the skin and helps increase elasticity. The active principle from Echinea also has a soothing and anti-inflammatory action as well as helping the skin to preserve natural hyaluronic acid. Vitamin E and Vitamin A both aid skin tone and elasticity as well as having, with Vitamin E, anti-oxidant properties.
It is particularly helpful following outpatient skin peels, which procedures can remove the skin’s protective film. By restoring this film, this product prevents evaporation from the skin, which could lead to dryness and subsequently to skin itching, reddening and cracking.
  • Exceptional winter weather protection
  • Helpful for very dry skin
  • Suitable for post-procedure and ultra-sensitive skin


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