Mesoestetic Dermamelan is a topical depigmentation method for medical use. You can look forward to a significant reduction in patches, only one week after starting the treatment. Rejuvenated and luminous skin appears with the continued use of the maintenance products.

New Dermamelan Pack includes: Dermamelan Mask, Maintenance Cream, Oil Removing Solution, Mesoestetic Melan Recovery and Mesoestetic Melan 130+ Pigment Control.

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Mesoestetic Dermamelan Pack

It is a topical depigmentation method for medical use. It has an intensive corrective effect on skin hyperpigmentation while regulating the overproduction of melanin by the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots. It has a dual corrective and controlling action, achieving short- and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control.

Mesoestetic Dermamelan Pack is a combination of very effective products, which act at the beginning of the pigment synthesis process – that causes spots on the skin, affecting melanosome. Thus, melanin production is stopped and the skin is renewed, so that the stains tend to disappear.


Features of Mesoestetic Dermamelan Treatment

– Compatible with all skin photo types (complexions)
– Effective on most types of hyper-pigmentation
– Minimally invasive treatment
– Anti-aging properties; skin is rejuvenated
– Beneficial for acne scarring
– No hospitalisation
– Not painful
– Can be applied to face, décolleté, hands and body


Mesoestetic Dermamelan Pack includes:

– Dermamelan Mask
– Maintenance Cream
– Oil Removing Solution
– Mesoestetic Melan Recovery
– Mesoestetic Melan 130+ Pigment Control


Identifying the type of hyperpigmentation

The first step is to identify the type of hyperpigmentation in order to correctly determine the necessary protocol application stages. According to each individual case of hyperpigmentation.

Mild hyperpigmentation: gentle exfoliation with dermamelan oil removing solution by mesoestetic to allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin more easily.

Severe hyperpigmentation: exfoliation with Mesoestetic Mesopeel Mandelic 30% (mandelic acid) to speed up natural sloughing of corneocytes and therefore melanin elimination.


How to apply

Due to its specific characteristics: Oil Removing Solution and Dermamelan Mask should be applied professionally. Then the treatment should be done at home with the Dermamelan Treatment cream as follows:

1st month: Apply three times per day to the skin, in places where dark spots occur

2nd and 3rd month: From the fifth week apply Dermamelan Treatment cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening

From the 4 month: Apply Dermamelan Treatment cream once a day.

The duration of this treatment depends on the obtained results. Application of the whitening method – 48 hours after skin preparation. Apply the Dermamelan Mask containing a high concentration of active ingredients known to have a whitening effect. After remove the Dermamelan Mask with soap and water at the end of the application period.


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