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Mesoestetic Dermamelan Cream 30 grs

is effective in treating all types of hyperpigmentation



Correct and treat unattractive skin blemishes/discoloration caused by excess melanin in the skin helping to achieve a clear completion on all skin types. Dermamelan treatment is suitable for females or males.

Dermamelan Maintenance Cream is part of the Dermamelan Depigmentation system and is effective in treating all types of hyperpigmentation. Dermamelan works in a similar way to Cosmelan 2 but is a slightly stronger treatment. Containing a series of lightening ingredients that act to reduce or eliminate pigmented patches and has a rejuvenating effect on the skin giving a more even skin tone.
Dermamelan is applied at home and can be used alone or as a maintenance cream following the professional application of the Dermamalan mask.

Very efficient in all types of melasma and pigmentation problems
Rapid and easy depigmentation action
Compatible with ALL skin types (Fitzpatrick I – VI)
Light peeling effect rejuvenates and restores luminosity of the skin
Dermamelan is safe to use all year round
Very effective for acne patients
No Hydroquinone
Minimal side effects (only slight redness and flaking)

Manufacturers Recommended Use:
Apply directly over pigmented skin, 3 times a day during the first four weeks.
From the fifth week on Dermamelan Cream should be applied twice a day for eight weeks.
From week 13 continue application on an evening.
Constant application of effective sun block protection is mandatory during the spot removing treatment.
We would highly recommend using Hydra-Vital Factor K or Melan Recovery every few hours during the flaking and peeling process.
Avoid use during pregnancy.
Do not use in conjunction with products containing glycolic acid.
Allow one week downtime between other glycolic acid products and Dermamelan.
Avoid large durations of direct sun exposure.
Always use sunscreen exposed to direct or indirect sunlight.
Do not use with other Depigmentation treatments.
A light peeling with this product is to be expected, some may experience sensitivity and a burning feeling.
Reddening of the skin is normal.


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