The action of the preparations is based on the Smart GPS technology, which is a carrier of active substances, guaranteeing maximum therapeutic effects and operational safety.

Bio C The treatment is intended for premenopausal skin with the first signs of photoaging (i.e. loss of skin elasticity and tension), rosacea and skin with disorders of melanogenesis (discoloration). It is also an effective therapy in the case of dull complexions. The unique combination of two preparations in one treatment stimulates fibroblasts to produce new type I and III collagen fibers, which stimulate the reconstruction of elastic fibers and seal capillary walls. It also has a strong antioxidant effect, regulates melanogenesis and restores the skin’s radiance and tension. Capacity: 5 + 5×2 ml

MCA 35 Resurfacing peel combining salicylic acid and chloroacetic acid to regenerate and revitalize the skin. It reaches the dermis, reducing the symptoms of photoaging such as elastose, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles. The peeling may cause mild to moderate skin inflammation. Capacity: 5×5 ml

Skin Recovery The peeling strongly regenerates and rebuilds collagen and elastin fibers, thanks to which there is a significant improvement in skin elasticity and tension. It provides effective smoothing of the skin surface, smoothing out scars and stretch marks. It normalizes the process of melanin secretion, thus eliminating existing discoloration and preventing the formation of new ones. It also regulates the secretion of sebum, thanks to which it reduces pores and visibly improves the structure, color and general condition of acne-prone skin. Capacity: 30 ml

Lightening The unique composition of the peeling consists of a derivative of vitamin A and active depigmenting, antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients. The INNO-EXFO Lightening treatment is an effective lightening therapy, at the same time restoring the balance of mixed and oily skin. The skin after the treatment is smooth, elastic and regains its natural glow. The treatment can also be used in the summer. Capacity: 15 g

FREE OF CHARGE: Degreasing Solution 100 ml The preparation prepares the skin for aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments such as chemical peels, microneedle and needle mesotherapy and other treatments that require thorough cleansing of the skin.

Soft Cleanser 200 ml Delicate cleansing gel with active protection of the hydrolipid layer and the pH of the skin. It does not cause irritation, even on very sensitive skin.

Skin Repair 60 g A regenerating and repairing cream with a soothing and regenerating effect on the skin after invasive dermatological and skin care treatments

100 ml neutralizer Restores the proper pH of the skin after treatments with acids.


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