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Size: 50ml /1,7 fl.oz

Collagen Native DNA:
• protects cells and DNA against reactive forms of oxygen, photo-aging, UVA rays
• increases the synthesis of collagen and other basic nutrients of the skin
• activates the cells to rebuild
• improves the synthesis of ATP



Collagen native DNA combines nature and the latest biochemical engineering. DNA repair and its protection is the most element to make the skin look healthy..

Nucleic acids DNA and RNA (native)/ salmon roes extract
They initiate the replication of the skin structure, they activate cells, have strong antioxidant effect protecting them against reactive forms of oxygen. DNA and RNA acids are the filter to toxins, thus protecting the cell system. DNA and RNAand thereby oxygenate cells

They are obtained by a unique patented technology consisting in the purification of nucleic acids from all other substances and pollutants; they obtain the content of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), very rich in protamine and histones at the level of 70%.

a growth hormone. Stimulates DNA repair processes, protects against UV rays and free radicals as well as reduces excessive hyperpigmentation. Activates fibroblasts and stimulates collagen production.
This makes kinetin contribute to the extension of life of the cells, helps to smooth out the skin, to improve its tone and reduce surface wrinkles. It does not cause side effects or skin irritation.

SOD – Superoxide dismutase
is an elite cosmetic component, an enzyme of the first line of defence of our body against free radicals and one of the most powerful antioxidants that exist in nature. It protects the body against oxidative stress that causes massive cell damage and an overall tissue degradation.

Copper peptide GHK-Cu ((very) blue peptide)
naturally occurring peptide constructed of copper molecules and amino acids of glycine – L-histidine – L-lysine. It stimulates the functioning of stem cells, increases the production of collagen in the skin, prevents photo-aging, improves elasticity and evens skin tone. It helps to reduce wrinkles, increases density and skin thickness.

The extract of the PLACENTA
one of the most active regenerating factors. Rich in numerous nutrients and regulating substances, such as: cytokines, hormones, bioactive peptides, enzymes, growth factors, vitamins and minerals. It improves tissue metabolism, regenerates tired and aging skin. It has a strong moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

How to use:
Collagen must be applied on clean and moist skin. Biologically active collagen peptides are better absorbed if the gel is gently patted on moist skin. We recommend applying the collagen on the face, neck and cleavage twice daily, each day.
Do not use if you are allergic to fish protein (0.02% of the population).
For external use.

The use of the best active ingredients is not enough to make the natural mechanisms of the skin act properly at the cellular level. The repair and protection of the DNA is the most important element in maintaining healthy skin appearance. The body has the ability to repair its nucleic acids, but these mechanisms are also disturbed, degraded and constantly subjected to oxidative stress. Without producing and maintaining adequate quantities of healthy cells it is not possible to build sufficient amounts of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, fibronectin or other “bricks” of our skin.
Collagen DNA aims not only to ensure the proper processes, but to intensify their activity and stimulate the appropriate cells to perform planned activities.


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