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If you want to strengthen and smooth out hair, regenerate brittle nails, sooth painful joints, help  cracked heels, diminish visibility of varicose veins or soften rough skin, Collagen Graphite is a proper product for you. This excellent product intensively restores and nourishes as well as perfectly stimulates skin regenerative processes with which you will observe quick and satisfying effects.



Collagen will take care of it in extreme situations. It will speed up healing of burns, abrasions, insect bites and herpes. Collagen Platinum is completely natural and safe product, perfect for very sensitive or even irritated skin. It brings long-term relief quickly and effectively and supports restoration of delicate skin.

Collagen effectively restrains the aging process of the skin.
It is a real first aid in soothing irritated and particularly demanding skin.

– Deep skin moisturizing and toning
– Delaying the ageing process
– Clearly improved skin compactness and pigmentation
– Smoothing mimic wrinkles
– Natural skin care
– Smoothing scars, stretch marks and scalded skin
– Hair and nail regeneration
– Aids cellulite healing
– Effectively reduces bruises and bed sores
– Helps with varicose veins
– Reduces the effect of acne
– Effectively reduces the effects of insect bites and stings
– Helps prevent patchy baldness
– Effectively deals with frostbite
– Effectively controls excessive sweating
– Natural skin care product
– Works as a soothing after shave balm
– Effectively prevents nail problems
– Stimulates the action of fibroblasts and keratins
– Softens scars
– skin care product
– Used against aphtae, herpes, stye, felon, abscess
– Face skin care
– Soothes pains associated with bones and joints
– Speeds up the process of wound, abrasion and irritation cicatrizing
– Works against skin allergies, dandruff, psoriasis, burns, dermatosis, oedema, pattern balding, joint inflammation, and many other

Collagen is an indispensable component of our skin, joints, tendons and many other elements of our organism. That is why, when our body faces problems, using Natural Collagen Graphite is the effective form of regeneration. Thanks to intensive activation of production of our natural, structural collagen by productive cells (fibroblasts), we get an increased skin elasticity and regeneration of damaged skin.

Elastin, sister of collagen protein. It is necessary to preserve the great elasticity of the skin. With it, your skin will be more resistant to stretching and changing shape.

Lactic acid will take care of beautiful skin, providing it with smooth and radiant glow. The organic component will softly smooth rough skin, perfectly brighten it up and stimulate its cells to produce valuable ceramides preserving water in your skin.

How to use:
Because of its darker pigment, it is advised to apply it onto less visible places (feet, hair, legs) onto cleansed and moistened skin.
It need to be emphasised, that it has got exactly the same properties as other collagens, however it of another level of purification. That is why it is the most economical kind of collagen.

Do not apply Natural Collagen products directly after using cleansing tonics. Collagen is a protein which will break down in the presence of acids contained in tonics and other skin cleansers.


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