CELLCURE Duo-Vitapep Ultimate Essence Special Set


Duo-Vitapep Ultimate Essence 50ml
Duo-Vitapep Renewal Skin 20ml
Duo-Vitapep Advanced Emulsion 20ml


CELLTRION’s first proprietary dual-functional ingredient.
Contains Duo-VitapepTM, the patented dual-functional ingredient with CELLTRION’s first single peptide that applies our unmatched conjugation technology for fine line improvement and brightening, to effectively deliver active substances to the skin and hence to help improve skin’s resilience and complexion.
Plant energy from a special extraction technology.
This is a refreshing essence that effectively delivers the purely powerful energy and active substances with the special extraction method.
New texture of gel essence The new tension gel capsules with concentrated nourishment instantly absorb into dermis upon contact with the skin, moisturizing and nourishing for more resilient skin.
Main Ingredients 
-Undaria Pinnatifida extracts Smooth skin texture
-Duo-Vitapep ingredient for brightening and wrinkle improvement.
-Bifida Ferment Smooth skin texture, skin barrier fortification
-Plant cell water Moisturization & nourishment.
-White asparagus extracts Skin brightening effect
(* limited to Ingredient nature)
How to Use 
Dispense an appropriate amount to smooth over skin for penetration.


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