CAVIPLLA O2 Multi Serum 30ml




CAVIPLLA O2 Multi Serum 30ml

Caviplla is designed to reduce visible signs of aging while increasing firmness and elasticity. Using an intensive concentration of pure caviar extract, PLLA and botanical Peptides, wrinkles will be diminished while increasing hydration levels in the skin.

Oxygen Carrier: The oxygen components promotes intracellular metabolism of skin. It creates environment for the active ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin.

*follow with Sculplla H2 treatment and Sculplla H2 Mist for maximum results.


Clean spray, dry skin. Follow with your favorite serums, moisturizer, and sun protection.

The mist can also be used as a conductive mist with your Clareblend MINI, or other microcurrent device, for even more effective results. NOTE: Do not wash your face for 12 hours after your treatment for max results.


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