Hyaluronic acid sodium salt.

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Sinovial One 2.0% 50 mg / 2.5 ml Hyaluronic acid sodium salt Visco-supplementary device for the joints. Sterile – Disposable Indications Pain or reduced mobility due to degenerative, post-traumatic diseases or joint alterations. Sinovial One 2.0% is a substitute for synovial fluid, which allows you to restore the physiological and rheological properties of the arthritic joints. This therapeutic action is explained by the particular characteristics of the hyaluronic acid used. The hyaluronic acid contained in Sinovial One 2.0%, obtained by fermentation and not chemically modified, has an excellent tolerability. By restoring the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid, Sinovial One 2.0% reduces pain and restores joint mobility. Sinovial One 2, 0% acts only at the level of the joint where it is injected, without exerting any systemic action. Sinovial One 2.0% is a single dose preparation and only needs to be injected once for each treatment cycle. If necessary, further injections can be performed. The opportunity and frequency with which the treatment cycle can be repeated must be evaluated by the doctor for each individual patient, considering in each case the risk / benefit ratio of the treatment. Product description Sinovial One 2.0% consists of a buffered physiological solution of sodium luronic acid sodium salt with viscoelastic properties. Sinovial One contains 2.0% highly purified sodium salt hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight between 800 and 1,200 kDalton. The other components of the product are: sodium chloride, sodium phosphate and water for injections. Hyaluronic acid sodium salt (hyaluronan *) is for Other


Visco-supplementary joint device, replacing the synovial fluid .

Useful in case of pain or reduced mobility due to degenerative, post-traumatic and tendinopathies associated with joint disability.



1 sterile single-use pre-filled syringe of 2.5ml and 1 needle.


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