RefectoCil Eye Care Pads 10 Pieces




Product information “10x RefectoCil Eye Care Pads with Hyaluron & Vitamin E”

With the RefectoCil Eye Care Pads you get an all-rounder product that is ideal for brow & lashes treatments. You can also increase the moisture content of your skin in sensitive areas of the eye. More precisely, you will receive an intensive mask including hyaluronic acid and highly concentrated aloe vera. During your eyebrow and eyelash treatment, the skin is protected from staining and, thanks to allantoin, a skin smoothing cure is carried out at the same time.
Due to the immense freshness kick of the eye area, the RefectoCil Eye Care Pads are already popular as a single application.


  • Clean and dry the eye area
  • Open the sachet and remove the protective film
  • Gently press the pads under the eyes
  • Leave on for 20-30min and gently peel off

MorySkin tip: For warm summer days or an even cooler effect, you can put the pads in the refrigerator just before use!

Why RefectoCil?

RefectoCil has been a respected top product for over 60 years and thus clearly reflects the market leader. The wide, professionally set up range, which includes 9 colors and other useful products, inspires users around the world every day. MorySkin
can proudly call itself the official distributor  of RefectoCil products .


10 pairs of RefectoCil Eye Care Pads (20 pads total)

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