Keratin 500ml Smooth Treatment





Keratin Smooth Treatment is a smoothing and anti-frizz treatment formulated based on AMINO ACIDS of KERATINA, QUITINA and POLYFENOLES VEGETALS that form a new chain of proteins along all the intercellular cement inside the cortex, which when activated by the 200o of the straightening plate provides the perfect hairstyle.

It has been specially developed for all hair types. His stock is total. It cancels out hair frizz and achieves perfect smooth hair by restoring all the characteristics of healthy hair (texture, shine, hydration, volume, softness and combability).


1st PHASE: Apply liso KERATINA Shampoo and perform a full wash (free of salt and sulfates) to prepare the hair and open the cuticle.

2nd PHASE: Remove excess water from the hair with a towel.

3rd PHASE: Perform several partitions with tufts of maximum 2 cm. and apply this tuft treatment per lock, from root to tips and remove excess product with a narrow barbed comb.

Make sure all locks are evenly moistened. Leave 20 minutes on display for the whole of the hair fiber to absorb all the properties of the treatment. Dry hair completely with the help of a hairdryer and brush. Allow to cool in 5 minutes.

4th PHASE: Perform several partitions with tufts of maximum 2 cm. and pass the iron to 220 degrees through these locks, repeat the operation 8 to 10 times insisting more on the root than on the tips to avoid drying them. When steam decreases, the product will already be active with intense hair restructuring. If the hair is blond, mingle at 200 degrees to avoid loss of hues.

5th PHASE: Wash again with SHAMPOO LISO KERATINA and rinse. Apply the KERATINA LISO MASK, leaving it to operate for a minimum of 5 minutes. Rinse and remove excess water with a towel. Dry completely with the dryer.


Use suitable plates. Do not exceed 220o. Check the condition of the hair before application. Depending on the quality and tone of the hair it can lighten a tone.

Do not ingest. External use. Avoid eye contact. If this happens wash immediately and thoroughly with water. Consult your hairdresser.


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