ZIIP Beauty Nano Current Skincare Device




The world’s first app-connected, at-home beauty device. Using wireless technology, the ZIIP™ utilizes both nanocurrent and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better every time you use it. Using the ZIIP App and our many sophisticated waveform combinations, you choose the results you want for your skin on any given day. Your ZIIP GX comes with our exemplary Golden Gel, and is pre-loaded with the Energize treatment, an all-encompassing rejuvenating and preventative program is for all skin types. Note: All of our ZIIP gels are compatible with your ZIIP GX.


    • Download the ZIIP App for free on the App Store or Google Play Store.
    • Sync Treatment – Select a treatment to wirelessly send it to your ZIIP device.
    • Apply Gel – Every ZIIP device comes with a full-size bottle of conducitve gel. Apply liberally to face and neck before every treatment.
    • ZIIP! – Easy videos within the app guide you through every single treatment, step-by-step, second for second.

It’s like having your own personal facialist at home with you.

  • Lift + sculpt facial contours
  • Assist in lymphatic drainage
  • Clarify + even skin tone
  • Diminish + prevent oncoming breakouts
  • Increase brightness + glow
  • Define the jawline + work on tech neck
  • Smooth the look of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Make eyes look more awake

    • The ZIIP GX device
    • Full-size 80ml Golden Gel pump bottle
    • 1 charging USB cable
    • 1 padded travel bag
    • 1 cleaning cloth
    • ZIIP GX User Guide

The ZIIP GX device comes pre-loaded with the Energize treatment, an all-around 12-minute revitalizing treatment.


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