TOTAL BODY 48 is an absolutely innovative aesthetic equipment combinig a body analizer together with an electro stimulator with pre-set programs for slimming / toning / draining and more functions.



The body analizer, very easy-to-use due to an effective touch screen, is an automatic complete test of the body through a current which analizes body tissues natural resistence : skin, lean and fatty mass, liquids muscles. The results of the analisys are automatically self-elaborated by the software who will provide the right dose of current for the e-stimulation treatment. The system is not able to fully check-up but also to separate and selectively check-up single parts of our body, so the e-stimulation treatments will be always precise and effective according to the situations of the different patients.

 Vacuum Massage

Vacuum massage in Slimlight is performed through a vacuum system, ideal when combined with a soft lasers to deeply decongestion tissues, reduce the interstitial liquid (draining) and for breaking the hard fibres of cellulites.
Vacuum Massage is effective at different levels:

1. At the dermic level, it improves extra-cellular interstitial fluidity taking to a faster and easier elimination of the residual metabolites.

2. At the vascular level, it stimulates the drainage of both the vascular and lymphatic systems.

3. At the tissue level, it helps in breaking the hard fibres of the cellulite mass, giving a more elastic effect to the skin.


Face Treatment Face Wave


3 Slimming Drain


Full Training Lipo


Soft-Drain Soft Tone


Warm Up Wave


The body analizer, in fact, is coupled with a 6 channels electric stimulator and, in order to get the best results and to have a very easy-to-use and intuitive equipment, all the programs are pre-set on the colour touch screen , but still adjustable for an even more customized treatment.



The e-stimulator uses an innovative 3-waves current selection:

Widely used in medicine to release muscle tension and to improve the toning due to the increase of the metabolism resulting in firming effect.

Low frequency of 10 to 200Hz. It penetrates every single cell exposed to the wave, breaking them into small molecules in order to easy up their elimination.

These particular square waves have the ability of pushing the molecules, resulting from the square wave effect, towards the blood and lymphatic system in order to eliminate them.

The use of these particular waves will make every customer feel always comfortable and all the treatments will be effective, reliable, with no side effects and the results will be long-lasting.

TOTAL BODY 48 is a very complete, reliable and easy-to-use aesthetic equipment analizing the problem and providing the solution at the same time!




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